Hankook Tires Review

A Couple of weeks ago we  I was in the market for a set of brand new tires for my Subaru WRX. When comparing different brands and models available I came across the company named Hankook. A Korean owned and operated company that has been in business for well over 50 years. Initially I wanted to read reviews about the actual tires and what sizing I should go with. I had recently purchased a set of varrstoen es2 wheels that were a mesh style rim and I wanted to get a nice stretched tire mounted onto them. I wanted to get something stickier and a little more suited for track day driving and or performance driving.  I ended up going with the Hankook Optima H7272 as they are a tire that is fairly reasonable in price and they also have a mileage warranty. Estimated tread life is around 60,000km give or take how hard you drive on them. One of the other great things about them was the fact that they have excellent rain grip and they also perform fairly well in the snow. They compliment my car.The tires and wheels are an outstanding value for the features and performance they offer.

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